ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR SAFE WORD When playing with your partner. The soft-fastening cuffs allows you to play safe , being easy to remove quickly.

When your partner is tied up , all your fantasies come alive!

This  hogtie restraint system lets you play with no fuss of ropes and a hassle free night of fun....

Four cuffs connect to either a heavy duty metal O-ring, or you can clip them together for endless position possibilities by securing in front or behind the back.

Soft-fastening closures on each restraint are sturdy and adjustable, so you can restrain your consenting partner as tightly as they are comfortable with.


* 5-piece hot-tie restraint system
* Heavy duty nickel free O-ring connector
* Adjustable soft-fastening closures
* 4 soft & sturdy cuffs

5 Piece Hot Tie & Cuff Set

SKU: SS95006