Feeling the sensation and the control that you feel when there is sensory deprivation, teasing your blindfolded lover, arousing them with the element of surprise on your side. The mask has an elastic strap and a contoured nose groove for a comfortable fit that blocks out light for total sight deprivation or just getting a good night's sleep. Creating a sense of atmosphere of suspense and anticipation, the trust between the people involved and finding yourselves irresistible...

Key features of the Satin Blindfold:

  • Great for sensory deprivation or restful sleep
  • Silky-soft for wearer comfort
  • Heightens sensuality & trust during play
  • Elastic strap for one-size-fits-most versatility
  • Contoured nose groove for a comfortable fit


  • Satin
  • Elastic

Black Satin Blindfold